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Ou​r online appointment  booking service, offers you the opportunity to book a FREE one hour telephone consultation service, with one of our Contact Advisers.

Who will be able to discuss and advise you on your current situation, and provide you with the support necessary, in order to help you gain a thorough understanding of the different processes and procedures, in your particular case or circumstances.

Why not use our on line booking service to arrange a one to one telephone consultation, and get more clarity on your situation, which is confidential, and our Contact Advisers will be sympathetic to your circumstances.

Please use the correct department for you, in relation to your personal needs and circumstances,  and are specified below:

Contact Advisory Service: The department will provide consultation on all Children's Services and Child Protection matters, and in involvement with all UK  Local Authority Children's Services Departments. This is provided at times and dates to suit you.

Family  Support: The Department will provide consultation on all Family Support matters, regardless of how big or small the issue is,  and is there to help individuals and families in crisis, at a time and date convenient for yourself.

Children's and Young People's Service: The department will provide support to Children and Young People, who need advice, or just someone to talk to at a time convenient for them. Our advisers are there so Children and Young People, have a place to turn to in times of need.

When booking on line, you will be given the opportunity to book a consultation, with any of the above departments, so please select any of the above departments you would like a consultation with, when confirming your booking.


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