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Services & Support

Famiy Support

At There For You Advisory Service. We offer additional family support to individuals and families that are experiencing crisis or problems.

This service provides families with one to one support by a key worker, who will provide guidance and solutions in any family situation.

Additional Support Service

Our additional support service, provides individuals experiencing SEXUAL ABUSE, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and FORCED MARRIAGES.

With advice and support, whilst providing  a long term care package, where you will be provided with the necessary  long term support needed, in order to implement a specialist programme of care tailored to individual circumstances. 

Children's and Young People Support Service

Our Children and Young People support service, is a separate department that provides support and advice to Children and Young People.

The department Provides Children and Young People with on going professional support on a wide range of issues.

Our dedicated advisers are on hand to provide the best possible support, which can be provided on a long term basis.

Programmes Of Support

Needs Based Package of Support

Our support package is based on individual needs, and is done through an initial assessment via or contact adviser over the phone, which is further based on the circumstances surrounding your case.

Extended Support Service

We also have an extended support service, where we can provide out of hours support via our extended service, in agreement with the contact adviser.

Further details can be provided by contacting our FREEPHONE ADVICE LINE, and speaking to one of our specialist advisers. These include:




Children and Young People Extended Support Service

This is needs assessed by our qualified professionally trained staff, and is provided FREE of charge.

It enables Children and Young People  to be provided with the best possible support, and a place to turn to in times of need. 

Providing reassurance that there is someone who is available on hand to offer that help in any situation, whether big or small.

For Further Information about There For You Advisory Service and how we can help you.

 Please don't hesitate to click on the Contact Us button below, or you can  book a FREE 60 minute consultation, through the Booking & Appointments Page, and one of our contact advisers will be in touch to discuss your circumstances further.

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